FYI, Please note our MEETING LOCATION FOR SUNDAY MAY 27, 2018 

Shannon Oaks

2526 Waverley Ave.

Vancouver BC

Service is at 11:00AM.

 Ample Parking available around the building.

UPCOMING SERMON   May 27, 2018   11:00AM

We continue with our series on Apologetics. Last Sunday, we asked if Jesus was indeed a historical figure or whether he was a creation of an over- exercised imagination? This Sunday, we ask the question of whether Jesus was a liar or lunatic or can it indeed be said that he deserves to be called “Lord.” This sermon will be based on the words of Jesus of Nazareth. The purpose of this series is to slowly assemble the building blocks of the Christian faith, one by one, Sunday after Sunday, and to scrutinize them to see if a rational and reasoned argument exists for its existence and hence for us to be satisfied that faith is not an imaginary narrative.


Mk 14:61-64

Pastor Richard Ang


Jesus the Son of Man

May 20, 2018
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The Mission of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church is to be a nurturing home, equipping God’s family to change lives like Jesus.

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